Atvira paskaita „The Palestinian Question In Review”

Atvira paskaita „The Palestinian Question In Review”

Skaitymo trukmė: < 1 min.

Gegužės 9-ą dieną 15:00 kviečiame į atvirą paskaitą „The Palestinian Question In Review”. Paskaitą skaitys Zaid Amali, Palestinos iniciatyvos, skirtos pasauliniam dialogui ir demokratijai skatinti, viešųjų diskursų ir komunikacijos programos direktorius.

Paskaita vyks VU TSPMI 304 auditorijoje. Paskaitą moderuos Dr. Ieva Koreivaitė. Paskaita vyks anglų kalba.

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The Palestinian cause has resurfaced globally following the war in Gaza since October 2023. The discussion will touch upon the ongoing violations and the implications of such events on Palestine and the world. Noticeably, global rules-based order, as well as the international law and human rights framework, are put into question as major political actors are restrained from acting and putting an end to the atrocities. Moreover, we will take deeper inquiry into Palestinian prospects for statehood and ask questions: what are the aspirations of Palestinian youth, what kind of social movements are taking place in the West Bank, how divided is Palestinian society, and what shifts can be traced in Israeli society and diaspora?

Zaid Amali, a 3rd generation Palestinian refugee, brings a wealth of professional and academic expertise in diplomacy and policy analysis to the table. Currently, he is directing international advocacy efforts at the esteemed independent Palestinian non-governmental organization “MIFTAH”, founded in 1998. MIFTAH’s work in Palestine is pivotal, focusing on promoting good governance and democracy, advocating for gender-sensitive policies, and ensuring the inclusion of women and youth in the decision-making process through elections. Internationally, MIFTAH plays a crucial role in disseminating the Palestinian narrative and highlighting the disproportionate gendered impact of Israeli violations through private and public advocacy, primarily in Europe.

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