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Who we are

We are an independent grassroots collective and this is a voluntary initiative born out of our deep commitment to freedom and justice for the Palestinian people.

This website serves as a public information platform to provide Palestine-related news, analyses, infographics and other material.

We are not affiliated with any political party and are not supported by any political, economic, or religious entity. Our work is motivated by a sense of injustice, a yearning for equality and ensuring human rights for all. We reject any and all forms of racism, discrimination, and hatred.

Since November 2023 we are a member of the ECCP.

Our limited resources are directed towards providing content in Lithuanian language. For more, please browse the Lithuanian version of the site.

Why this platform

This is the first such platform in Lithuania – a country that, despite having been occupied and oppressed for most of its existence, is now, regretfully, a staunch supporter of the racist Zionist ideology which justifies the ongoing colonisation of Palestine. The public has been fed that narrative for so long they came to believe it to be the truth. We aim to break this dangerous trajectory by providing information and analyses that put humanity, not imperial interests, at the forefront.

Our vision

And yes, we dare dream of another world that is possible, a world without war and without borders, a world without bigotry and without lies, a world without imperialism and without militarism, a world in which every living being could realise their full potential and enjoy life to the fullest.

A world of love.

A world with a free Palestine.

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