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Protest: Stop Crimes Against Humanity in Palestine

Skaitymo trukmė: 2 min.

It has been more than a month and a half since Israel’s latest onslaught on Gaza started. 1 out of 200 Gazans have been killed so far, with countless others still under the rubble. In the meantime, Israeli settlers have increased their attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank, seizing more land and further driving Palestinians away from their homes. All of this is no less than the continuation of ethnic cleansing of Palestine, culminating in the current genocide being committed by Israel.

On the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, join us in demanding an end to this genocide, an immediate ceasefire, and an end to the Lithuanian government’s and media’s support for Israel’s war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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Tylos eisena prieš smurtą Gazoje

Silent vigil-procession against Israel’s violence in Gaza

Skaitymo trukmė: 3 min.

Show our solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Condemn Israel’s war crimes in Gaza.

Let’s not allow genocide to be committed in front of our eyes.

This past week there have been huge demonstrations against Israel’s slaughter of innocent civilians in Gaza, taking place across European cities – London, Paris, Rome, Milano and other cities have seen thousands of people taking to the streets to protest, Baghdad and Sana’a have witnessed many more thousands.

We here in Vilnius shall gather, too. People from all over Lithuania are most welcome to join us.

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“I am a Palestinian” protest video

Skaitymo trukmė: < 1 min.

A short video of the May 22, 2021 protest in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius where people gathered to express their support for Palestine and condemn Israel’s agression against Gaza and Jerusalem, and its colonial crimes in Palestine.

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Thank you

Skaitymo trukmė: < 1 min.Thank you for coming today to the square
Thank you for not staying silent in the face of oppression
Thank you for expressing your values
Thank you for supporting Palestine

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Poem “Running Orders”

Skaitymo trukmė: < 1 min.

They call us now,
before they drop the bombs.
The phone rings
and someone who knows my first name
calls and says in perfect Arabic
“This is David.”

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Protesto akcija „AŠ ESU PALESTINIETIS“

Protest „I am a Palestinian“

Skaitymo trukmė: 3 min.If you do not agree that the parliament of Lithuania supports the actions of apartheid state of Israel and the occupation in the name of Lithuanian people – come along and say NO to them.

We use a phrase from a musical poem by Jonas Mekas “I am a Palestinian” as a protest slogan seeking in this way to express our solidarity with the people of the occupied Palestine and Palestinian refugees, who are not allowed to return to their homeland by Israel.

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