Tylos eisena prieš smurtą Gazoje

Silent vigil-procession against Israel’s violence in Gaza

Skaitymo trukmė: 3 min.

Show our solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Condemn Israel’s war crimes in Gaza.

Let’s not allow genocide to be committed in front of our eyes.

This past week there have been huge demonstrations against Israel’s slaughter of innocent civilians in Gaza, taking place across European cities – London, Paris, Rome, Milano and other cities have seen thousands of people taking to the streets to protest, Baghdad and Sana’a have witnessed many more thousands.

We here in Vilnius shall gather, too. People from all over Lithuania are most welcome to join us.


4:30 pm (16:30) – gathering in the Cathedral square (Vilnius Old City), near the tower of the Cathedral

5 pm (17.00) – the procession starts. We will walk towards V. Kudirka square (in front of the Government palace). This is a silent procession, holding lit candles in our hands to mourn and honour the innocent people of Gaza murdered by Israel.

5:30 pm – 7.30 pm (17.30–19.30) – the procession ends with a gathering in V. Kudirka square. We hold a minute of silence for the victims in Gaza. Speeches.

Important information

The procession will take place in silence to show respect for the murdered people of Gaza. When genocide is taking place in front of our eyes, such silence is the only one morally acceptable.

Please bring your own candles. Make sure they are safe to carry around and are protected from wind and rain (tip: it’s best to get the type of candles which are usually brought to cemetries on All Saints – they are in either white or red plastic containers and have metallic lids on them – you can easily find them in any supermarket).

Violent individuals or groups thereof, racists, antisemites, agent provocateurs, bullies, those that support Israel’s war crimes, and the like are not welcome. If attending, they will be immediately forwarded straight to the police.

Read before participating. Event rules

  1. You MUST NOT get closer than 75 meters to the government building. During the event this could be considered a violation of the agreement with Vilnius municipality and Lithuanian law.
  2. The permit was issued for 300 people.
  3. !!! Once 300 is reached, other people MUST stand in groups of no more than 15 people and at least 5-10 metres apart from other groups.
  5. The police are there to protect peaceful participants. The event’s organisers dissociate themselves from anyone who is committing violence or inciting others to commit violence.
  6. There may be PROVOCATORS / AGENTS PROVOCATEURS attending. DO NOT TALK to anyone who looks like one. Distance yourself physically from them. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE PROVOKOED. If you feel threatened, ASK POLICE FOR HELP.
  7. Every person is responsible for their words. If you decide to talk to the media, you are doing so in your own name only. Event organisers take no responsibility for what the participants say.
  8. Remember that ISRAEL ≠ JEWS. The event is against ISRAEL’S BOMBING OF GAZA, against the blockade, occupation, and apartheid, it is not against Jews.
  9. Signs or symbols of organisations such as the IDF or Hamas are not allowed at the event.
  10. Event organisers dissociate themselves from persons who are somehow incapable of understanding that to condemn the slaughter of innocent civilians does not mean supporting terrorism.


  • The silent procession starts at 4.30 pm and the event will be finished before 7.30 pm
  • The event will be livestreamed on Palestina.lt
  • Please bring your own candles for the silent procession and make sure you use them safely
  • Be prepared for cold weather – bring a thermos with hot tea in it
  • Have your phones charged and ready to film in case it is necessary

Event live stream recordings