Protesto akcija „AŠ ESU PALESTINIETIS“

Protest „I am a Palestinian“

Skaitymo trukmė: 3 min.

If you do not agree that the parliament of Lithuania supports the actions of apartheid state of Israel and the occupation in the name of Lithuanian people – come along and say NO to them.

We use a phrase from a musical poem by Jonas Mekas “I am a Palestinian” as a protest slogan seeking in this way to express our solidarity with the people of the occupied Palestine and Palestinian refugees, who are not allowed to return to their homeland by Israel.

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Renkame parašus oficialiam atsakymui LR Seimui

Say NO to the Lithuanian Parliament’s support for Israel

Skaitymo trukmė: < 1 min.

We are collecting signatures for an official response to the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania regarding the unconditional support expressed to Israel and the factual errors in the public statement of the Parliament Committee for Foreign Relations.

We ask for your help.

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