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Say NO to the Lithuanian Parliament’s support for Israel

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We are collecting signatures for an official response to the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania regarding the unconditional support expressed to Israel and the factual errors in the public statement of the Parliament Committee for Foreign Relations.

We ask for your help.

Today, we sent the official response of the public movement “Solidarity with Palestine” with 38 signatures of organisations and individuals to the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania and the Lithuanian media. Both documents can be found below.

What you can do NOW

Express your support for Palestine by signing our online petition and send it to your friends and colleagues – all those who are not indifferent to the pain of the Palestinian people. For all those who do not agree that the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, on behalf of Lithuania, should support war crimes committed by Israel.

Official statement by the Committee for Foreign Relations

Translated by: “Solidarūs su Palestina”. (original)

Our official reply

Official reply to the Lithuanian Parliament

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