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Baltic Solidarity With Palestine

Baltic Solidarity With Palestine

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Press release: People Of The Three Baltic States Against The Genocide In Gaza
Tallinn – Riga – Vilnius

On Saturday the 17th of February different actions of Baltic Solidarity with Palestine will take place in the three Baltic states –  Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – in solidarity with the Palestinian people, demanding an end to the on-going genocide in Gaza, and that our governments stop supporting and collaborating with Israel’s actions in all of occupied Palestine.

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Po alyvmedžiu. Informacinis-kultūrinis renginys

Informational-cultural event “Under The Olive Tree”

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We are living through very difficult times, helplessly watching – on our screens – crimes against humanity being committed in front of our eyes, and all the hatred that surrounds those who condemn them. Therefore it is very important to remember that what is happening in Palestine started long before that Saturday at the beginning of October, and that violence can only be stopped when its true causes are admitted and understood.

The olive tree is Palestine’s symbol, and it is also a symbol of the deep relationship that Palestine’s people have with their land. For this, we are inviting you to spend this coming Sunday afternoon under an olive tree – albeit only metaphorically, for Lithuania’s climate is not really good for olive trees. Let us be inspired by the olive tree’s steadfastness – sumoud in Arabic – and let us be reminded that even in the face of the worst injustices, a human being must remain human.

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